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The school observes the “No ID, No Entry” policy. (The School Security Guard will not allow any pupil/student to enter the school premises without an I.D.)

  1. A student should wear his/her ID card properly inside the campus and during off-campus activities. It should be worn inside the school campus at all times, up to the signing of clearance at the end of the school year.
  2. Tampering of ID should be avoided. No stickers should be attached to it and must be worn solely. It should not be tampered with, decorated or altered in any way.
  3. Official ID lanyards or necklaces are provided with the ID card and ID case. Students are not allowed to wear any other type of ID lanyard except the official one issued by the school.
  4. The ID card is NON-TRANSFERABLE. (Borrowing or lending of ID card is an offense: it should not be lent or borrowed, or used for another school year.)
  5. The ID (MIFARE Card: an electronic chip card) is very sensitive to extreme cold and hot conditions. Bending, cutting or making a hole to the ID card is strictly prohibited.
  6. If a student loses or damages the ID beyond repair, he/she must report this at once to the Prefect of Students and apply for a replacement ID. A minimal fee is charged for the replacement ID. The student is issued a “temporary” ID while the request for a new ID is being processed at the MIS Office.
To secure a New Replaced ID:
  1. Pay a processing fee to the Cashier;
  2. Present the receipt to the MIS Office (expect 1 working day before the release of the ID);
  3. Claim your new replaced ID to the MIS Office and present your temporary ID.

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